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Understand your business so you can 
develop a 360 Marketing Strategy

As a market leader, no one knows your business as you do, but communicating what you are offering can be difficult without a 360 approach to your digital marketing strategy. Through my FREE training, I will help you to understand your brand so that you can start creating wealth and igniting change within your communities!

What is the value in a marketing strategy?

You’ve invested time, money, and effort into your business and its operational efficiency. You know exactly what you need to do to become profitable, but do you know how to market it? A marketing strategy is the bloodline behind any successful business! 

What is the point of your business 
if no one knows about it?

  • Identify your KEY audience
  • Customize your approach FOR your audience
  • Establish brand AUTHENTICITY
  • ​Become the AUTHORITY in your industry
  • ​Direct and TARGETED sales funnels


Marketing is an ecosystem. Focusing on only one aspect of your strategy can only work for so long, but you’re losing money in the long run. You need to build a marketing strategy that is balanced and holistic. Everything should work together.


  • Your brand objectives are effectively communicated
  • Your value as a business is highlighted
  • An increase in sales
  • ​A drastic improvement in profit
  • ​Consistency in communication for your brand

Are you feeling embarrassed, confused, and unsure of what your next move should be?

There are countless ways to implement a strategy, and even more agencies willing to sell you a strategy - but do they show you how to actually implement them?

From my experience, I have been the customer - I have bought strategies from agencies who would promise the world - and deliver a document.

This is where we are DIFFERENT.

We provide an actionable, customized, and specific strategy that is aimed at increasing your revenue through the power of MARKETING.

You will learn

  • How to foster a marketing ecosystem
  • ​​How to leverage off platforms to get the most out of your strategy
  • ​​How to create wealth through digital marketing
  • ​How to sell yourself, before you sell your product
  • ​How to accurately identify your brand objectives
  • ​How to achieve your vision, without moving the goalposts
  • ​How to direct your message pillars
  • ​​How to utilize your brand archetype to your advantage
  • ​How to create a client avatar, and speak to them
  • ​How to facilitate, and activate the customer value journey
  • ​How to structure your offering to create absolute value
  • ​How to identify your traffic sources
  • ​​How to minimize time, money and effort - while maximizing your profit


Just like you, we are market leaders within the digital marketing space. Our main goal is to help business owners create wealth so that they can bring change within their communities.

We started our journey in South Africa and grew because of our deep desire to see other business owners succeed. We help market leaders to turn their small business into a fully-fledged e-commerce powerhouse.

Meet your host: Daphne Thomson

The founder of Catch the beat, Daphne Thomson, is on a mission to change lives and she pursues this goal through the use of her passion for digital marketing.
Her desire for change comes from the need for change that she has seen in her home country, South Africa. She knows that through changing communities, she can improve the lives of many people.
Daphne is motivated by results because she knows that by supporting businesses, and helping create wealth for them - these businesses can then change their communities!

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